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Do you buy parts or scrap?
Do you deliver?
What is the order process?
U-Pull vs. Full Service auto recycler?
What is an automotive recycler?


What is an automotive recycler & why should I care?

An automotive recycler does exactly what their name implies, they RECYCLE AUTOMOBILES


When vehicles are involved in accidents, insurance companies send them through auto salvage auctions to be sold. Auto recyclers acquire them through a cutthroat auction process where the highest bidder doesn't always win. With an average win rate of only 2 out of 100 vehicles calculated for a bid, the recycler bids online (rarely in person) on each vehicle solely based on auction provided information and pictures. Each vehicle won, must be towed to the recycler's location, sometimes hundreds of miles away, to be drained of all fluids & components harvested for reuse & recycle.  This process, while largely unknown by anyone outside of the industry, SAVES CONSUMERS MONEY both DIRECTLY by providing quality, direct fit, OE auto parts such as engines, transmissions, doors, fenders, & so much more at sometimes half the cost of new parts and INDIRECTLY by providing a cost effective way for insurance companies to cover their loss in disposal of the vehicles & therefore can keep insurance rates lower. Without auto recyclers, our landfills, air, and groundwater would be contaminated with pollutants, our vehicle repair costs would skyrocket because only new parts would be available thus destroying marketplace competition, not to mention what would happen to our car insurance costs since the insurance company would lose all ability of recouping their losses. Modern day auto recyclers benefit the planet and customer pocketbooks. Auto recyclers also employ over 140,000 at more than 9,000 locations around the country. 

Using highly sophisticated computer inventory management systems, auto recyclers have the ability to evaluate what is reusable on a car, match their product to customers' auto parts needs, upload VIN records to NHTSA to aid the government in recall identification & automobile fraud prevention.

The Automotive Recyclers Association (established in 1943) has been working diligently to advance the industry and promote its beneficial effects on society. Here is a link industry statistics detailing the economical and environmental impacts of automotive recycling done right.

RE-THINK RE-CYCLED was developed by lead recyclers in the industry, TeamPRP, to encourage people to Re-CONSIDER what they believe about automotive recycling, and through education, come to an understanding of its' environmental importance.

What is the order process?

To place an order for parts, call or email our knowledgeable sales representatives who can answer any questions and guide you through the process. You will be required to make a deposit before we can begin processing your order.  

Most parts in our inventory remain attached to their vehicle until an order is placed for them to maintain quality, which means it may take some time to get them ready for you. After your order & deposit are received, the order is placed in line for our parts puller to carefully remove the parts from the vehicle. Upon removal, the parts are then inspected for quality and cleaned, then the sales representative is notified of the status. 


Pickup orders: our sales rep will call the customer to let them know it is ready 

Delivery (to a local commercial garage or body shop): the part is added to our delivery schedule at the earliest time available for drop off 

UPS shipping: the part is carefully wrapped for damage prevention and picked up daily by UPS If you are in need of tracking, please email

Freight orders:  these parts are banded to a skid and wrapped to ensure maximum protection. A BOL label is created and the item picked up for shipment. If you are in need of tracking, please email

Do you deliver?

We can offer delivery to a local commercial garage or body shop location for a small fee. This can be very convenient for you, especially if you will have a core to return.

What is a U-Pull vs. Full Service Auto Recycler?

A U-Pull facility sells pieces and parts typically on older vehicles that the consumer pulls from the in-stock vehicle themselves. A full service automotive recycler, such as Grand Valley Auto Parts does the work for you, selling most parts as assemblies on later model vehicles and also have delivery and warranty options available.

Do you buy parts or scrap?

We do not purchase parts or scrap. If you have scrap items to sell, please see your nearest scrap dealer in the area. 

Do you buy vehicles? What will you pay for my car?

As a full service recycler, we focus on recycling low mileage vehicles for harvesting parts. We do not buy individual parts or scrap.

If your vehicle has been in an accident and has less than 120,000 miles (Diesel less than 150,000 miles), click here and we will get back to you with a valued vehicle quote.

If your vehicle no longer runs, has a bad engine or transmission or has more than 120,000 miles (150,000 diesel) then we are not able to pay more than scrap value for it & suggest you find a self serve recycler near you. Scrap value fluctuates regularly, but if you can drop your vehicle off here, general value we can offer is around $50. If you believe you have a vehicle that is worth more than that, then you may want to consider selling instead of scrapping it.


Who is TeamPRP?

Team PRP is the largest group of independent automotive recyclers in North America. Your ONE SOURCE to millions of recycled OEM auto, truck and SUV parts.With over 130 members around the country, Team PRP has become a powerful force in the recycled parts marketplace in North America.

Can I trust a recycled engine?

Absolutely! A factory assembled, installed and road tested, low-mileage used engine is the very best value in the marketplace - better than OE or aftermarket remanufactured. In fact, we inspect and spin test all engines and run a high percentage of them prior to warehousing to verify ‘A’ they run, and ‘B’ that no problems are detected. Grand Valley Auto Parts is so confident in our part quality that we offer extended warranties on most every engine we sell! So, in addition to our excellent standard warranty terms, you may also obtain one-year, two-year, and even lifetime warranties. And not only do we cover the engine, but we also offer labor coverage! Ask your sales representative for details.

Be sure to follow the installation tag attached to your engine at the time of purchase to ensure optimal performance.



What is included with an engine?

The long block, including the cylinder head (or heads), are the main component. Some accessories may be left on for ease of dismantling, but may not be guaranteed to fit, or work with your engine. Some of these pieces will need to be transferred from your old engine or replaced with new parts. For example, your A/C compressor, Power steering pump, starter etc. may be usable from your old engine, but the water pump and coolant thermostat may not be suitable for reuse and should be replaced to ensure a good installation. Ask your sales representative for specific details.

What does Grand Valley Auto Parts do?

We purchase late model salvage vehicles from insurance auto auctions with low mileage for the purpose of recycling and selling the parts. We pride ourselves on quality parts and service, environmental cleanliness, customer loyalty, and warranty protection coverage. 

We "crush" the term "junk yard" by adopting the highest recycling standards in the industry to keep our environment clean. Our certifications include MICAR (Michigan Certified Auto Recycler), URG8000, & MICAR Plus.



Can you fix my car?

Sorry, no, we are not zoned to do any type of installation work. We can however deliver to your local commercial shop or may even be able to tell you who we would use in your situation depending on the type of service needed and your location.


May I come pull my own parts?

Sorry, no, we are not able to allow customers to pull their own parts, please see a U-Pull facility if you want the fun of doing yourself. Or, if you really enjoy pulling parts without having to put them back on a vehicle, check to see if we are hiring a parts puller and it could be your dream come true! We love to employ people who enjoy and take pride in their work. If that describes you, click the picture to the left and send us your resume.

May I walk around your facility to look for parts I may need?

Unfortunately, due to insurance reasons, we do not allow anyone in our yard to look around. If you have a part you are interested in purchasing but prefer to see it, we can take a deposit and bring it up front for you. 

What is a core and why the charge?

Many parts have what the industry calls “core charges” on certain part types such as engines, transmissions, axles, wheels, etc. These are basically a rebate given back to the customer when they bring us their defective part (core). We sell them to core buyers who re-manufacture or recycle them which makes the core a big part of our business. Cores are a common in the industry and are based on the standard value at the time of part purchase which changes on a daily basis and the reason for the 30 return period. If we charge $200 for a core today, but it isn’t returned until 2 months later, the value may have dropped, so it is important to have a reasonable time period for returning.

Why don't you ship airbags?

Airbags are considered a hazmat item and therefore require pricey certified packaging and come with high risk and higher shipping rates than other parts. Currently, shipping them via freight or by small parcel carrier in our opinion, is not worth the risk nor is it cost effective for us or the consumer. 

Color match guarantee? Why can't you guarantee an exact color match for parts to my vehicle?

This is tough because paint codes vary according to make, model, year and finish. They can also have different wear due to environmental conditions such as sun etc, If you want to attempt ordering a part such as a bumper by color, you may do so, but it is never guaranteed.

Will you deliver to my garage or body shop?

Yes, we deliver to local commercial locations for a small fee. We can also give quotes on shipping parts directly to your home or repair shop. We ship engines, transmissions, and many other parts across the U.S. daily.

What kind of parts do you sell?

We sell mainly late model engines, transmissions, front end assemblies, wheels, axles, transfer cases, doors, head/tail lights, bumpers, lid/gates, truck boxes and more…most parts are sold as complete assemblies unless otherwise noted. Ask your sales representative for specific details.



Are there parts that you do not sell?

Yes, brake parts and catalytic converters due to safety and legal reasons are parts that we never sell. Knobs, hinges, trim pieces, fog lights out of bumper assemblies, glass only part of a door mirror, hoses, motor mounts, torque converters apart from transmission need to be sold with their respective assemblies. Ex: If you need a radio, you would not want it without knobs, so we sell radios as a complete assembly.



If I buy a wheel, does it come with the center cap?

Not necessarily. Center caps can be easily lost during and after an accident which means we do not always get them on the vehicles we purchase. If the center caps are on the wheel already, then yes, they are included, but we never guarantee them as part of a wheel purchase.



Can I buy just a knob or trim piece?

Not at most full service facilities, since radios and other parts often sell as complete. If we sell a knob off of a radio for example, then we can no longer sell that radio since nobody will be interested in one missing a knob. These small miscellaneous part types it will be more cost effective for you to find at U-Pull yards or online with sellers such as Ebay. 

Where are you located?

9835 42nd Ave

Jenison, MI 49428

We are located just south of GVSU’s Allendale campus on 48th Ave in Jenison MI, even though it would seem we should be considered Allendale, we are technically in Jenison with an Allendale phone number and in the Hudsonville school district. See our "about" or "contact" page for a map or click the picture to the left.

What is the difference between OEM & Aftermarket auto parts & ROE?

OEM (Original Equipment Manufactured) parts are the parts originally designed by the vehicle manufacture to work optimally with its respective vehicle.

Aftermarket parts are made not by the OEM factory but after the vehicle is released into the marketplace as a cheaper alternative.

ROE – Recycled Original Equipment™ auto parts are the very automotive parts manufactured by auto manufacturers with the exact "fit and finish" in their makes and models. When you need a repair on your car, whether it be mechanical or cosmetic, it makes SENSE, and saves you DOLLARS, to use recycled original equipment auto parts. #ask4ROE Recycled Original Equipment can include parts such as engines, transmissions, doors, switches, headlights, taillights, bumpers, and much more. There can be several hundred parts on each vehicle that can be recycled and reused. That keeps waste out of our landfills and prevents unnecessary reproduction within the industry.

How long have you been in business?

Since 1967 we have been servicing this wonderful community. Celebrated 50 Years in 2017!






Why don't you ship airbags?
Color match guarantee?
What does Grand Valley Auto Parts do? Can you fix my car?
Where are you located?
Do you buy vehicles?
Can I trust a used engine? What is included?
What parts do you sell? Are there parts you do not sell?
May I pull my own parts?
May I walk around to look for parts?
Who is Team PRP?
What is a core & why the charge?
How long have you been in business?
OEM vs. Aftermarket vs. OER auto parts?
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